BORN 1972



MOBIL: 0047 91805702

In 2005 I needed a change in my life so I quit my job as a servicetechnician,  sold my apartment and moved to a cottage a bit outside Oslo. With suddenly too much time I needed something to do. And then I got the idea to teach me how to play Didgeridoo.

  I bought my first Didgeridoo which cracked after a couple of weeks. I started making them myself and found out that this was my thing. I like the whole process of making Didgeridoo, from going into the forest to find trees and to sit for hours with the sander. It's always fun to hear how the sound is and all didgeridoos are unique with its own timbre.

Today I have a small job as a social worker in Oslo. I spend all my spare time in making didgeridoos. I played violin when I was a child and went over to the classical guitar and later saxophone. When I started with Didgerioo I felt that this was my instrument and I find new nuances every week. The didgeridoo does not stop to surprise and it is a great companion in the forests and mountains.